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ProGyaan Learning Centre is an Institute in Chennai where Engineering students & graduates can learn Automation in the true sense, the right way. PLC SCADA Training in Chennai is available in many institutes. But, Automation is not only about PLC. The Industry today expects much more from an Automation Engineer. There is a wide gap between what is required in the Industry and what the students know, when they start their careers.

At ProGyaan, we offer one Certificate course and 3 Diploma courses. All our courses begin with the fundamentals of Electricals, as is required for an Automation Engineer. The courses flow from the basics to different Automation components and their applications. Only after a clear understanding of this is imparted, programming is taught. In programming, stress is given to Logical thinking & Solution building. As part of all our courses, we also share our knowledge of Project Management, Customer interaction and Crisis Management.
The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the Industry. The primary objective is to offer Automation Engineers of high caliber to the Industry, so that they need not spend time on training them. Every student is given individual work benches, individual access to software and individual work time on the controllers. They are familiarized completely with the various devices which they are likely to encounter in the Industry environment, so that they can approach any project with a sense of confidence.

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