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A question for all you engineers : what do Pepsi , Reynolds pens and Hero Honda bikes have in common? Give up? They all use automation in some way during the manufacturing process. Automation is everywhere and it has taken a pivotal role in today’s industrial age causing many companies to be dependent on PLCs and PLC-trained personnel. So if you are new to PLCs, never heard of them, or know them well, it is time to get training and I’ll tell you why:

Career Opportunities :

For those who may not know about automation or PLCs, allow me to explain. Automation is defined by Google as: the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process. That is true, but for a more awesome explanation, let’s talk Dosas! The video below shows how dosas can be made in an automated machine. Go ahead and check it out.

What isn’t shown in this video is the brains behind the operation or what controls the timing, temperature, level, speed, etc. of these processes. That is of course the PLC or Programmable Logic Controller. Getting the training you need, to develop, install and support PLC systems like these can open up a wealth of career opportunities for you. Who wouldn’t want that?!

PLCs are your Friend :

Engineering is the science of solving problems. Electrical Engineering is solving those problems electrically. Automation was born to solve problems faced by production facilities but it can also be used to solve problems at home. Learning the basics of PLC technology can give you the knowledge to automate tasks performed around the house. For example, a PLC system can be used to prevent the overflow of water from the overhead tank.

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